Avesta Healthcare has been established since 5 years and is involved in marketing of ayurvedic products. We market a range of herbal products from capsules to herbal oils. All these formulations are prepared by purest quality natural herbs and modern scientific methods. The products are available in single and blended forms, manufactured from extracts of whole herbs, seeds and other herbal plants. In addition to this, the company can also develop customized products to serve the specific requirements of its clients.

Application Area

The company offers a few range of health building herbal products that are very effective in treating various diseases and physical ailments. While curing ailments effectively, these herbal compositions do not exhibit any adverse side effects. Formulations which have stood the test of time for their purity, safety, efficacy, cultural acceptability and lesser side effects, our herbal products are guaranteed to be totally free from heavy metal toxicity. Moreover, since they are produced from herbal extracts they help to heal faster and also gradually eliminate the very root cause in most cases.

• Obesity • Diabetes • Sexual Impotence

Advantages of Avesta Healthcare

The effectiveness of Ayurveda in curing several ailments has been established by modern researches, where other therapies have failed. Therefore, ayurveda is becoming the most popular mode of treatment worldwide. The main advantages of ayurvedic medicines are as follows:

• No side-effects
• Disease elimination from the root
• Free from chemicals and Non-addictive in nature
• Safe for long term consumption
• Cost-effective
• Time proven over centuries in traditional use. Avesta Healthcare's products are produced from herbal extracts which are completely safe and free from heavy metal toxicity. They do not contain any bhasms!!!
• Our herbal food supplements are traditional and are made from pure extracts. That is why they have five times better efficacy then prepared from crude hurbs.


Due to its excellence in producing quality herbal compositions, the company from which we manufacture our products has received the Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practices from the Govt. of Gujarat.